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The Tow-Away Division utilizes independent contractors nationwide to provide trailer delivery service to the recreational and commercial trailer industry. The contractor will be asked to use their privately owned Pick Up truck or similar style truck to provide transport service to all 48 states and Canada. Drivers will be paid a mileage fee and be responsible for all truck expense, including fuel, insurance and registration.

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Reloads Available

Horizon books re-loads every day, but not enough to provide a steady diet of them.  We do have consistent freight out of the Western locations. 


Fuel Discounts

Horizon Transport Contractors experience higher profits as the direct result of deep fuel discounts at Major Fuel Stores throughout North America. Fuel costs are updated continuously via mobile app resources empowering our drivers to make informed fuel purchase decisions. Discounts as high as $.50 per gallon (75 locations) are widely available!


Tow-Away Opportunity

This is our largest division. Close to 85% of all RVs manufactured are a towable RV. That means our Tow-Away division is our busiest division. If you want to take a load, there’s one available for you.


Our Tow-Away drivers have a wide potential for loads and income. You need the right tools for the trade to take advantage of that potential. Here are some basic requirements.

  • For-Hire License equal to a Chauffeur License or higher
  • Clean DOT record
  • ¾ ton truck or larger
  • Diesel truck strongly recommended, however gas is accepted

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