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Drive Motorhomes across the country with Horizon's Drive-Away Division.
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The Drive-Away Division relies on independent contractors nationwide. As a contractor, you will drive vehicles from load origin to load destination. You will be responsible for the expense of the fuel for the unit and your own transportation after you deliver the vehicle. Making money in driveaway is about minimizing your transportation expense while producing as many paid miles as you are able to accomplish. Horizon Transport delivers motor homes, buses, and trucks to all 48 states and Canada.

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Drive-Away Benefits

Our Drive-Away division is perfect for you if you don’t want to invest in a truck right now. We recommend using a tow-car, but if you choose not to, you simply get in a motorhome and drive away. Low upfront investment

  • Variety of loads
  • Mobile app with load board
  • Driver Pay Rate – Highest in the industry!
    • Class C: $1.05/mile to $1.20/mile
    • Class A: $1.10/mile to $1.25/mile
    • Bus: $1.07/mile to $1.20/mile
    • Utility Trucks: $1.20+
    • Canada: $1.24+

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Division Requirements

Drive-Away requirements are fairly simple. Most of the requirements are actually given to us by either DOT or the manufacturer.

  • State required License
  • CDL or non CDL with 50,000 verifiable miles with a competitor
  • Clean DOT record

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