Current Single Tow-Away Driver Pay Rates

Loads shipped from any of our 8 Indiana terminals (varies by size and direction):

$1.78 – $1.88 / mile

$1.93 – $2.08 / mile for CDL 

Loads Shipped from any of our 7 California, Oregon, Idaho terminals:

Base Rate: $1.70 mile

$1.80 – $2.00 / mile for Canada loads; varies by size and direction

Monthly Safety/CDL Bonus:

In addition to the above-posted rates; a $.03 per mile Safety/CDL Bonus is paid to those that have a CDL A driver’s license and meet the following criteria in any month:

  • No accidents or damages
  • No adverse DOT roadside inspections
  • 8 Loads completed during a single month
  • OR – 5000 Safety Miles (Completed Dispatched Miles)

Recruiting Bonus:

Have a family member, friend, or spouse that you want to work and travel with?  Refer them to Horizon and receive ½ cent per mile for every loaded mile they run for as long as the two of you remain active.  Over a few years’ time, this can add up to thousands of dollars.  No limit on the number of referrals you can have.  This is an excellent opportunity to gain from mentoring a new entrant to our trade!



We also have a nice flow of dealer to dealer moves throughout the country that will help you cut down on your dead head miles, but please understand that these vary widely from week to week.  Some weeks are heavy while some quite light.  We do not want to create the expectation of consistency in these types of load opportunities, they’re more like the weather!  (Unpredictable much in advance.)