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Dozens of successful Horizon Transport Independent Contractors have upgraded to multi-unit delivery vehicles. “Haul & Tow” trucks literally “haul” one unit on their deck and “tow” one unit behind. Combination, or “flatbed”, vehicles are comprised of a flatbed or step-deck trailer and a power unit, ranging from dually pick-ups all the way up to semi tractors.

The trailers are designed to move multiple units at once. The contractors in this division are typically those who have joined our fleet by way of the Drive-Away or Tow-Away division and then evolved their businesses into multi-unit deliveries. Others have come from a transportation background, having recognized the competitive profit potential.

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Flatbed Benefits

Our Flatbed division is our highest opportunity for growth. We know that a truck and trailer can be a 6-figure investment, but that simply means your return will be much higher.

  • Highest pay opportunity*
    • Double – $2.66 per mile
    • Triple – $3.00 per mile
  • Most reload opportunities
  • Diverse loads
  • A high level of respect among the driving community


*85%+ of loads pay this amount. Some loads are slightly less.

Flatbed Requirements

Our Flatbed drivers have a wide potential for loads and income. Along with that comes responsibility. You’re hauling 2-3 loads at a time and that requires a higher skill level and attention to detail. Here are some basic requirements.

  • CDL A recommended, not required on some flatbed trailers
  • 50,000 miles of towing experience
  • Clean DOT record
  • 1 ton dually or larger 
  • 53′ flatbed trailer with center rail system

Haul & Tow Requirements

  • 22′ long deck, minimum. (25′ or longer is preferred)
  • 32″-36″ tall deck at step, behind the rear axle (the lower the better)
  • 2000 or newer (or certified by Horizon Staff)
  • Center track, ball stands, wheel bonnets, ramps, etc.


See detailed requirements here >

Horizon Transport Flatbed RV transport

Don’t have a trailer? We can help.

We have trailers for lease or for sale.

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Lease A Trailer

Leasing a trailer from Horizon makes your flatbed experience simple. Brand new trailers are available to active Horizon drivers with a simple payment plan. 

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Buy A Trailer

If you’d like to own your trailer, we have used 53′ trailers available for sale to current Horizon contractors. 

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Sell A Trailer

Do you have a flatbed trailer that you’re not using anymore? We’re looking to purchase flatbed trailers that are in good shape. 

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