Horizon Transport FAQs

Looking for answers about the Drive-Away division here at Horizon? You’re in the right spot. 

Utilizing a tow vehicle is the most profitable method of return transportation, how do I find a tow vehicle?

Many of our most successful Drive-Away contractors utilize a tow vehicle as a means of return transportation. Many of the motor homes we deliver have receiver hitches capable of towing an approved tow vehicle. The challenge an applicant may have is, “how do I find a tow vehicle and what are the costs?”. Motor home delivery is a year round service. If the only thing stopping you from applying with Horizon’s Drive-Away division is possessing a tow vehicle, why not research this option today. The potential fees you profit from delivering motor homes may more than offset the purchase of your tow vehicle.

Is this year round business or seasonal?
We are busy with movements in both divisions all year round. Your activity is determined by you, as long as you maintain the minimum or above.
Can we get two loads together?
Yes, there are times when dispatch has multiple loads going in similar directions. It is often possible to match trailer deliveries with Drive-Away units as well.
Do I have to log empty miles?
No, upon delivering a unit, D.O.T. will allow you to log off duty – provided there is sufficient down-time between the end of your commute and the next departure. You are required to maintain a complete duty-status record, including all off-duty logs.
Do I need a cell phone?
Horizon requires all contractors have an active cell phone. Cell phones help ensure effective, instant communication. When we have a reload to offer, we want to call you! Just like that, your cell phone expense will be offset by the money you make when we call you for load opportunities. A smartphone is preferred so you can use our mobile app.
Do you have a dress code?
At the request of our customers, drivers at the terminal and at delivery points are required to be dressed and groomed professionally. This means ankle-length pants and a collared shirt, or blouse. Tank tops, cut-off shorts or any unprofessional apparel are unacceptable. Additionally, Horizon contracts with professionals. As such, all are required to have excellent hygiene. (Time spent driving a vehicle can be heated and thus produce body odor. Manage your hygiene accordingly!) The quality of your delivery services enables Horizon to build a better business.
Do you have a smoking policy?
No smoking is allowed in any vehicle delivered by Horizon Transport. A violation of this rule will result in discontinuation of a contractor’s services and a cleaning charge if necessary.
Where do I deliver to?
All Horizon Transport drivers are expected to deliver to all parts of the U.S. and Canada. This ensures maximum customer service performance.
Do I have to pay a pick up fee?
Horizon does charge a small vehicle-staging or “pull-in” fee for each unit you are assigned to deliver. We have local contractors who are staging vehicles in our shipping yard for you, from the factory. The fee can range from $10 to $30 per unit. This is a standard fee in our industry. This service saves our contractors bunches of time.
May I receive credit for safety miles at another company?
You may only transfer current safety miles if you are currently working for a “similar RV industry transporter”. To qualify you must be an active contractor for a “like company” within 30 days of Horizon lease-on date. You must submit an official company document itemizing earned mileage total. All mileage documents will be subject to validation.
Is there a minimum activity requirement?
We require contractors to complete 1 or more trips in any 30 day period. Horizon does however allow all contractors flexibility in terms of extended periods of inactivity when necessary.
How do I get a Drive-Away load?
You have two options for getting a load. You can 1. call or email your dispatcher or 2. after 25,000 safety miles, you can self-dispatch from our mobile app. You can see all loads at any time on our mobile app.
Can I use propane in motorhomes for heat?
NO. The units are not properly setup for propane usage.
Can I sleep in a Drive-Away unit?
Yes. Many of the vehicles we ship will have a couch. We ask that you not disrupt the bedding area. Be prepared with a sleeping bag. A contractor will not be able to log sleeper berth time in any Drive-Away vehicle.
If I have my own RV, is there somewhere I can setup home base while transporting?
If you would like to bring your travel trailer or motor home to the area and setup a temporary home base. Camping availability is seasonal. Please check with the campgrounds regarding their rules for extended stays.
Are there any Canadian shipments?
Horizon’s customers ship some vehicles to Canada. A customs processing stop is required to cross the U.S./Canadian border. You will need to carry your passport with you while in Canada. There are also occasions when we do ship units to Alaska.
Can someone ride with me?
The passenger must be a qualified driver for Horizon.
How far is the average trip?
Horizon delivers to all 48 states, Canada and Alaska. Units regularly ship to destinations like Florida, Texas, California and the Northwest. The average outbound RV delivery is about 850 miles.
Do I wash the unit?
Washing is rarely done anymore. Some dealers may require it. Washes are reimbursed.
Do I make a check call in transit?
Each driver is required, by customers’ request, to submit a daily check call before noon (Indiana time), each business day, while under load. This is easily done on our mobile app.
What are the rules for delivery?
Drivers are assigned a delivery date upon dispatch and are asked to drive approximately 500 miles per day, based on available hours and weather conditions. Horizon is a service company. We expect our drivers to deliver on time, unless legitimately delayed.
Can I tow my front-wheel drive vehicle on all 4 wheels?
Yes. Plese take time to review this website to find out more on how to tow your front wheel drive vehicle Click here to go to Remco website We also recommend that you check with your local dealer regarding factory specifications of towing your vehicle. Tow-Cars must be equipped with a tow-bar, tow dollies are not permitted.
What happens if my unit breaks down?
Horizon has a contact for breakdown services 24/7 to ensure that the contractor is properly serviced. The contractor is compensated for their breakdown-related down-time.