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We’re transporting the nation’s RVs and we need your help.

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Drive with Horizon Transport

We’re transporting the nation’s RVs and we need your help.

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Horizon Transport Indiana RV transport Company

Horizon Transport is one of North America’s largest RV transporters. Horizon is located in the heart of RV country, Wakarusa, Indiana. We’re committed to integrity, dedication, and excellence. We know that if we build a great culture among our drivers, they will serve our customers well. Horizon Transport is growing at an incredible pace and we’re always looking for more drivers. Join us as we transport the nation’s RVs!


Horizon Transport’s Tow-Away division is one of the largest in the country. In Tow-Away, drivers use their pickup trucks to pull RVs and other trailers across the country, one at a time. This is our most popular division as over 80% of RVs built are 5th-wheel or bumper-pull.


Horizon Transport’s Flatbed division is our elite division. Flatbed drivers invest in larger trucks and flatbed trailers. They use these trailers to haul multiple RVs and other vehicles or trailers across North America. The Flatbed drivers at Horizon also have greater income potential as they get paid more per mile and have many reload opportunities.


Drive-Away is unique in that you don’t need a truck. You simply get in the RV, UPS truck, or other large vehicle and drive it to the destination. Having a Tow-car can be very helpful, but it’s not required. Using our app to self-dispatch can make make the Drive-Away division a fun and profitable adventure.

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Horizon serves many customers from large RV manufacturers to UPS and Cintás.
If you’re an existing customer or you’d like to become one, please go to our customer page here.