Fuel prices are always a little higher than we’d like. However, filling up the tank is an inevitable part of every road trip. There’s nothing better than saving money, so why not save at the pump, too? Here are 4 tips for saving money on fuel. 

1. Keep your tires fully inflated.

When your tires are beginning to get flat, they exert a force called “rolling resistance.” Rolling resistance refers to the dragging that occurs when tire pressure gets lower. In order to continue getting the best fuel mileage, make sure your rolling resistance is very low. Keep track of your tire pressure, and fill up your tires whenever necessary. This will help out a lot as far as using less fuel. 

2. Download an app to find the cheapest local fuel.

Money Crashers has a great list of 6 of the best apps to save money at the pump. Because technology has come such a long way, now you can find the cheapest fuel near you right from your smartphone! Of course, don’t check these apps while you’re driving; make sure you’re in a safe location before looking at your phone. Additionally, many filling stations have rewards programs. Consider signing up! These types of programs often convert purchases into points which can be redeemed for cents off of each gallon. It may be a small amount of savings, but it definitely adds up.

3. Do maintenance on your vehicle regularly.

Regular upkeep of your vehicle keeps it in top condition; this will keep your fuel mileage the best it can be. Even a new air filter or motor oil can increase your mileage and keep you driving longer distances between fill ups. It may be a bit inconvenient to stick to your maintenance schedule, but it will definitely pay off in the long run.

4. Stick to the posted speed limit. 

It may seem strange, but driving at the speed limit really can help you save fuel. Driving above the limit can get you to wherever you’re going a little quicker. However, it decreases your fuel mileage. You might be saving time, but ultimately, you’re burning more fuel than you need to. Getting to your destination may take a few extra minutes, but do your best to stick to the speed limit. Your fuel mileage (and wallet) will thank you.

At Horizon Transport, we’re committed to the safety of our drivers. We hope these tips will help you save money on fuel and get to your destination safely. We wish you happy driving!