Horizon Transport announced an important addition to its senior management ranks.  “Horizon is making an addition that is necessary and well-timed in terms of what’s best for our customers and employees”, stated Joe Braun, company President. Braun reports that he will remain in the lead role and will be joined by industry veteran Andy Cripe. As Executive Vice President, Andy will help set overall sales strategy and direction with a specific focus on customer relationships and growth.  “We are very excited to bring Andy onto the team. He brings a unique perspective to our existing management group and we feel his inputs will result in new opportunities for our company, our employees and most importantly – our customers”, stated Braun.  Braun goes on to say that “It’s an exciting time for Horizon Transport!  We have a great team in place and we’re laser-focused on exceeding customer needs.

Marion Schrock, Owner and Chairman Emeritus has recently stepped away from 35 years of managing the operation. This had always been Schrock’s goal; to reward the folks who’ve been part of this great ride so far and let this team write the next chapter. On-boarding Andy Cripe will complete our succession plan.  Andy represents the last piece of the puzzle to our leadership team, keeping our operations and growth strategy in the hands of industry veterans – people truly committed to the RV Sector, people who value our nearly 1600 drivers, our employees and are dedicated to serving our customers.””