The more you drive, the more you start to notice patterns and similarities in the way that others drive. There’s a variety of styles, but most drivers pretty much fall into categories with defining characteristics. Here are 3 types of drivers you’ll encounter on the road!

1. The Racecar Drivers

You know the ones – weaving in and out of traffic, accelerating way too quickly when there are multiple people in their immediate vicinity, and generally being a speed demon. They behave as if they belong on a NASCAR track instead of the interstate! These drivers are dangerous to be around, and quite frankly, they can be scary to watch. Reckless driving over the speed limit puts people in potentially dangerous situations, and that’s not something you want to be responsible for. Avoid being one of these “racecar drivers” and stick to the speed limit!

2. The Text-And-Drivers

We’ve previously discussed distracted driving and why not to text and drive, but there are still people out there doing both. Some people don’t seem to understand the dangerous statistics out there about accidents caused by distracted driving. However, that’s even more of a reason not to drive distracted! Remain alert so that if drivers around you are distracted, you can be defensive and protect yourself from a potential collision.

3. The Nervous Nellies

Finally, some people just don’t seem to know what’s happening on the road, and they’re acting mostly out of fear. These drivers are often indecisive about what to do next, so they’ll go under the speed limit or show hesitation before merging or turning. They can be dangerous to be around because they’re prone to panic. This panic can lead to them making bad decisions, which can present the opportunity for collisions to occur. Watch out for these drivers and make sure you’re prepared to be defensive if necessary.

No matter what type of people you come across on the road, make sure you’re focusing on the road and driving defensively to protect yourself and others. Here at Horizon Transport, our priority is the safety of our drivers. We wish you safe travels!