Road signs are an integral part of any trip, and there are a handful of extremely common ones that you’re bound to see every time you go anywhere in your vehicle. However, these signs aren’t limited to just stop and yield. In fact, even right here in the United States, there are some very strange road signs. While it’s unlikely that you’ll run into all of these signs, it’s useful to learn what they mean. Plus, even if you never see them, it’s fun to learn about some of the weird ones out there! Here are 5 uncommon US road signs and what they’re saying.

1. The “Michigan Left.”

Credit: Christopher J. Bessert CBessert – Own work (Original text: Self-made), CC BY-SA 2.5,

Have you ever heard of a Michigan Left? If so, you may have actually seen this road sign. According to the Michigan Department of Transportation, a “Michigan Left” is a type of turn in which a driver has to turn right or drive straight onto a road, then make a U-turn at a median. In most cases, this is due to left turns not being allowed at that particular intersection. Either that, or the state of Michigan is trying to further complicate your route! We’re just kidding – but it’s definitely an interesting road sign and concept.

2. When Can I Use This Lane Again?


Talk about overly complicated – this road sign in Washington, D.C. is a sight to see. Essentially, this sign is detailing the times during which each lane will be open. However, it’s an incredibly difficult sign to make out at first, particularly if you’re just driving by! Also, apparently the left lane is never open, which is odd in itself.

3. Stop…Or Don’t.


At first glance, these road signs seem to contradict themselves. They’re really trying to have drivers stop before driving straight through this alleyway; however, it certainly looks like they’re just trying to confuse people. 

4. Or Do Stop, But Don’t Go Anywhere Else.


We’re not sure where this sign is located, but it has a pretty clear message…we think. Basically, if you’ve made it to this point, that’s about as far as you can go. If you come across road signs like these, we just hope you’ve made it to your destination. Or maybe, as the old adage goes, it’s only up from here.

5. Witches Only Here.

Credit: Alonso Javier Torres on Flickr via

If you ever find yourself in Salem, Massachusetts, the home of the famous Salem Witch Trials, you may find yourself in a Witches-Only parking zone. Be careful – they may cast a spell on you if you take their parking space! 

No matter where you’re driving, make sure to look out for road signs. Whether they’re serious or silly, road signs are in place to keep you safe. Always keep an eye out for what they say, and let us know if you come across any uncommon or silly road signs on your journeys! Here at Horizon Transport, our priority is the safety of our drivers. We wish you safe travels this holiday season!