Temperatures are dropping, leaves are falling, and everything is absolutely beautiful. Fall is one of the greatest times to be outside, but it also brings its own things to keep in mind when driving. Here are 4 of our tips for driving safely this fall.

1. Don’t hit the brakes on leaves!

Believe it or not, leaves can be just as slick as ice, and if your tire tread is starting to bald, you’re at a greater risk for hydroplaning. Once the leaves start falling, make sure that your tires are in good shape and that you allow extra space between your vehicle and the one in front of you. Leaves are beautiful, but they’re definitely something to watch out for this fall. 

2. Refresh yourself on driving in rain before fall comes. 

They say that “April showers bring May flowers,” but fall is also one of the rainiest seasons of the year in many places. In addition, the slickness of the leaves is multiplied by rain; mixing the two creates a huge safety hazard. When you’re on leaf-covered roads this fall, make sure to keep extra distance between yourself and the cars around you. Brush up on things to do to remain safe while driving in the rain, and make sure you’re as alert as possible when the weather gets rough.

3. Keep an eye out for wildlife.

Fall is deer season, and the last thing you want is to hit one on the road. When it starts getting cooler and darker outside, keep your eyes open for deer. This is particularly relevant around sunrise and sunset. If you’re on the road early in the morning or late in the afternoon as it turns twilight outside, be extra careful. “Deer Crossing” signs are in place for a reason!

4. Don’t ditch the shades just yet.

Even though it’s going to start getting dark earlier in the day, the sun glare will still be present. During the 15-45 minutes before sunset and after sunrise, the sun will actually align with roadways going east to west. If you’re on the road during this time, you’re going to want some good sunglasses. Additionally, making sure your windshield is clean and clear can help fight the glare. 

At Horizon Transport, we’re dedicated to making sure our drivers are safe. When fall weather starts approaching, make sure you’re keeping these tips in mind to stay safer on the road.