It’s late summer, which means families and students are hitting the road to move into college. With such a heavy influx of drivers, safety becomes even more important. It’s imperative to adjust the way you’re driving to prevent accidents during such a busy time. Here are our tips for driving safely during the back to school season.

1. Be extra aware of the back to school traffic around you.

When families are traveling back to school, it’s likely they are less familiar with the road and area around them. Because of this, they may drive more slowly or, on the contrary, more erratically. Stay alert and keep your defensive driving strategies fresh in your mind. You can’t control the actions of other drivers on the highway, but you can control your reactions and responses. Be cautious when passing cars and make sure to watch out for crazy drivers. 

2. Leave extra room around your vehicle for others to pass.

It’s pretty common to get in the groove of driving and nearly miss your exit. Chances are, that’s a strong possibility for unfamiliar parents or students heading back to school. Just to be safe, leave a little extra room in front of your vehicle for people to pass if necessary. If you can help prevent these kids from being involved in an accident on their way back to school, why wouldn’t you?

3. Avoid distracted driving even more than usual.

Distracted driving is always highly discouraged. However, during the back to school season, it becomes even more necessary to stay focused on the road. If you’re looking at your phone, you could potentially be involved in an accident. On the other hand, if someone else is on their phone (or distracted by something else), they could put everyone else, including you, at risk. For these reasons, it’s extra important for your attention to remain on the task at hand: driving safely.

This back to school season, our folks here at Horizon Transport want to help make sure you’re safe. We wish you happy and safe travels the rest of this summer and throughout the year!