As Spring time gets closer and closer there are going to be more things to consider while driving around on the roadway. Now that the snow has all melted and stopped falling, (Hopefully), there are different conditions to be aware of while behind the wheel. Here are a few tips to keep you and others safe this Spring season. 


            The melting of snow and ice on the roads reveals a new hazard all motorists should try to avoid. Potholes can cause a variety of issues if you hit one going too fast. You could blow out a tire, throw your car out of alignment, even damage axle components. It isn’t uncommon to see drivers weaving around in their lane to try and avoid these potentially dangerous obstacles. 

Horizon Transport tips on spring driving


            As temperatures warm up riders are itching to get their bikes out of hibernation and back out on the road. As winter conditions obviously don’t allow for these vehicles to be out on the road, motorists are not used to watching and looking for motorcyclists. Be sure to stay aware of your surroundings not only to help you spot bikes coming down the road, but to be a better driver in general. 


            Similar to motorcycles, there will be a lot more bicycles on the road as we get deeper into the Spring season. While they may be slower than other traffic on the road they have as much right to be there as you do. If you pull up behind a bicycle and want to go around and them, be patient and wait until traffic is clear in the opposite direction. The solution to overtaking a slower vehicle is not to become a hazard for drivers. 


            April showers bring May flowers. We’ve all heard the saying and it always rings true. Spring is home to some of the worst rain and thunderstorms of the year. It’s always best to avoid driving in inclement weather but if you’re going to, practice extra caution and be aware that there are more things to be weary of. Potholes can fill up with water and appear smaller than they actually are, heavy rain can cause problems seeing the road, windy conditions can cause objects to fall in your way or even push you off of your path, and parts of the road can fill up with water causing damage to your car if you were to drive through them. 

Cell Phone   

            As always, you should not be using your phone while behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Taking your eyes off the road for any amount of time can be extremely dangerous and even fatal. The text can wait, the post can wait, it isn’t worth risking your life and that of others on the road because you had to check how many likes you got on your latest selfie.