Technology evolves every day. From cell phones, medical devices, even the hardware in your vehicle. Top of the line features are starting to become more mainstream and manufacturers are putting them into more budget friendly vehicles instead of just the top of the line luxury models. Here are a few of the best options available on today’s automobiles. 

360 Degree Cameras

            We’ve had backup cameras for a while now, but what about having a birds-eye view of your vehicle to assist with parking and low speed maneuvers? Many new cars available today come equipped with multiple cameras mounted on various spots capable of showing you every angle of your vehicle as well as much of the surrounding area.

Automatic Braking

            Whether you’re backing out of your driveway or coming up on an obstruction in the roadway, automatic braking systems can apply your brakes and safely bring your vehicle to a stop probably quicker than you can. As a computers reaction time is a fraction of the average humans, this is one of the best new features vehicles are being equipped with and will help reduce more and more collisions as this technology progresses. 

Radar Cruise Control

            Tired of having to adjust the cruise control every time you come up on a slower motorist? With new radar cruise control that minor inconvenience is a thing of the past. All you have to do is set the cruise and the vehicle will automatically speed up or slow down depending on the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. 

Heads up Display

            There are a few vehicles that have had heads up displays for a few years now such as the Chevrolet Corvette. However, it is starting to become more common in newer vehicles. A heads up display allows you to obtain information about your speed, navigation, and even fuel level without having to take your eyes off the road. These systems will typically project the information onto the bottom you’re your windshield or be displayed on a small screen just above your instrument cluster.


            While a completely autonomous vehicle may still be several years away, there are plenty of manufacturers taking advantage of what technologies are available to us now. Tesla, Inc. is one of the most notable companies to utilize these features offering vehicles that will park themselves, steer themselves on highways with minimal human intervention, and can even be summoned from a parking space at the grocery store.