Driving used to be pulling over to read your road atlas, fighting with insurance companies about who’s at fault for that accident, and figuring out where to stop for the best fuel prices. Well guess what. It’s the 21st century and there are so many tools and devices that do all of that to make your commute much easier. 

Chances are you’ve got a small, (and let’s face it, expensive!), rectangular device in your pocket that will do everything you need and more while you’re out on the road. Aside from that however, here are the best tools and devices you can use to get the most out of your driving experience whether you spend 10 minutes in the car on your way to the office or if you’re pulling that load across the country as a long haul trucker. 


This one almost goes without saying, but a GPS will be your best friend for any road trip. It will give you turn-by-turn directions, show you points of interest such as landmarks and restaurants along your way, and there’s no need to carry around that bulky atlas that’s hard to read. Truck drivers can even get GPS units specifically designed for larger vehicles such as Semi Tractor-Trailers and buses. These GPS’ will only take you down truck routes to avoid tight spaces or low hanging bridges. 

Dash Cameras

I can’t say enough good things about dash cams. They’ll capture every moment while you’re driving down the road and if something were to happen, you’ve got video evidence. These little devices are cost effective, remain out of your line of sight for the most part, and plug right in to your cigarette lighter and run right off of your car or trucks’ battery. Many insurance companies will even give you a discount for using a dash camera. I’ll never go anywhere without mine. 

Smartphone Apps

If you pull out that handy device in your pocket that I mentioned earlier, you can download a variety of smartphone apps such as Gasbuddy and Waze to help you find the best fuel prices and avoid upcoming traffic jams. If you don’t feel like spending the money on a new GPS, you can download any number of navigation apps from your phones app store.